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Mixing Resin Binder and aggregates for Resin bound surface

Mixing Resin Binder & Aggregates for Resin Bound Surfaces

Mixing the Resin Binder

When you are satisfied that all of the materials are present and sectioned into individual mixes, it’s time to start mixing the resin components. After opening the tubs containing both parts of the resin, mix the resins by pouring the part A component into the part B bucket and mix for around 30 seconds using a motorised paddle mixer until the mix turns to a creamy consistency.

While the resin is mixing, we recommend adding the aggregate to the forced action mixer and allowing it to be mixed dry for 30-60 seconds to remove any dust which may have gathered on the aggregate. Be careful not to over-mix the resin and to mix each batch for the same period of time, using the same method to give the most consistent finish after the screed has cured. 

Mixing the Aggregate

Once the two-part resin has been mixed, ensure that all four bags of decorative gravel have been added to the forced action mixer and allowed to dry-mix for 30-60 seconds to remove any excess dust.  With the mixer in operation, slowly add the complete bucket of mixed resin to the forced action mixer pan. Tip: If using a forced action mixer with a safety grille over the pan, try using a funnel to add the resin into the mixer to reduce the resin build up on the mixer. 

Once the complete bucket of resin has been added to the mixer, wait for 30 seconds and gradually add the full bag of sand to the mix. Take care not to add too much, too quickly as this can become clumpy and form “worm-casts” on the surface of the installation. By adding the sand to the mix, the surface will have a non-slip finish which will not squeak underfoot, as well as making the mix incredibly strong. The components should be combined in the mixer for around two minutes in total and normally has a consistency of porridge. Tip: To ensure the optimal finish and to avoid any surface texture differences, all batches should be mixed for the same amount of time.

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