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Laying Binder and Aggregate Mix

Laying the Binder and Aggregate Mixture

Once all the components have been mixed for the allotted time, empty the mixer pan into a series of buckets or, ideally, a wheelbarrow and tip onto the general area, working from the furthest edge backwards towards your exit. These piles can be roughly raked to distribute the mix before being trowelled down. Wipe a trowel with a suitable cleaning agent (often white spirit is used) which will stop the resin from sticking to the trowel.

Using the tool, press down on the resin mixture, compacting it to the sub-base and spreading it to an even 18mm depth. Tip: The use of batons may help with the even distribution and to provide a consistent depth across the surface. Each complete pack should cover approximately 3m2 at 18mm deep. For different depths and spreading rates, please see the table in the technical information section. The closest edge should be left fluffed up and uncompacted until the next mix is ready, to help with the seamless overlap of the two mixes. If left too long between mixes it is possible that there will be darker lines as one mix has partially cured before the next has been laid next to it.

Dependent on weather conditions, the resin mix starts to cure almost immediately and you will have around 20-30 minutes per mix to screed the resin to the required level. This may come down to 10 minutes during warm weather.

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