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Ground Stabilisation Preparation for Resin Bound Gravel Surface

Ground Stabilisation Preparation for Resin Bound Gravel Surfaces

Laying Geotextile Separation Layer

Laying Geotextile Separation Layer

Once the MoT layer has been laid and compacted, then an appropriate permeable geotextile membrane should be spread across the top. This membrane should be of a weight of no less than 110 grams per m2. Any joins should have a 100mm overlap and should be fixed into place with either plastic fixing pegs or galvanised steel U-Pins. This will ensure the optimal suppression of weeds as well as keeping the build-up layers separated and will negate sand wash-out.

Lay a Sand Bedding Layer

Laying levelling sand

After the geotextile membrane layer has been laid and secured, a bedding layer of sharp sand should be laid at approximately 10mm in depth, the upper surface of which should be completely level and checked with a spirit measure. This is not a fixed depth as this layer is intended to smooth out any undulation present in the hardcore layer, the depth may vary slightly. This bedding layer can be lightly compacted using a whacker plate.

Install Ground Reinforcement Grids

Installing X-Grid Reinforcement Layer

After the sand has been spread and compacted lightly, the area should be covered using a suitable ground reinforcement layer. This can be of a tarmac, concrete or X-Grid® ground reinforcement grid type. We recommend the use of X-Grid® as there is no time wasted between laying the reinforcement layer and floating the resin as there is no curing needed unlike concrete or tarmac. Contact us for more details. Tarmac should be laid at >50mm depth and concrete at >80mm depth.

Fill Ground Reinforcement Grid with Gravel

MoT X-Grid Reinforcement Infill

If using X-Grid® as your reinforcement layer, the grid should be filled with limestone chippings with a diameter of no larger than 20mm. Care should be taken to ensure that as much excess dust is removed from the limestone as possible. Gravel requirement can be calculated by: Once evenly distributed across the whole X-Grid® layer, the limestone and grid should be lightly compacted using a light vibration plate (whacker) to ensure it is sufficiently bedded into the sharp sand and that the limestone fill is as level as possible. 

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