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How Much Do I Need to Order?

How Much Do I Need to Order & How is Resin Bound Gravel Supplied?

We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to get materials for a project priced up when there’s not a great deal of information available regarding what you need to complete the job.

At PermaPave, we have tried to take some of the mystique out of material ordering and we supply all of our resin bound gravels in fixed pack sizes. This way, you get exactly what you need without the worry or fuss.

Our resins are supplied in a 6.5 or 7kg drum which consists of two buckets, part-A and part-B. These two parts should be mixed to activate the resin and causes the surface to become hard when it has fully cured.

Decorative gravels are supplied in two different bag sizes: 25kg and 12.5kg. The bag size will depend on the colour and size of gravel you have chosen and in order to provide the most stable and strong surface, gravel of two different sizes should be used. Our kits allow for this and the packs are supplied with two different sizes of gravel to give the best mix of strength and permeability.

PermaPave resin bound gravel packs are supplied based on a coverage of 3m² per pack based at a typical surface depth of 18mm. This can be reduced to 15mm for footpaths or increased to 21mm for heavy duty applications. In order to work out how many packs you need, simply measure the length and width and multiply them together, rounding the number up to the nearest 3.

PermaPave Resin Bound Driveway Sizing Guide Fig1

So for the example above, the 160m² driveway will require 49 packs as:

160 ÷ 3.3 = 48.48484 (rounded up to 49 packs)

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