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Resin Bound Gravel Kits

Designed to remove the mystique and potential for purchasing the wrong quantities or wrong ratio of products for resin bound gravel surfacing, we have put together our resin bound gravel kits which will cover up to just over 3.5m² at 18mm, the required depth for a resin bound gravel driveway. Perfect also for creating resin bound paths or cart tracks for application such as golf courses, hotels or country clubs, the gravel stays looking immaculate without any danger of rutting or migration of gravel.

Simple Purchasing of Materials for Resin Bound Driveway Projects

With these packs being perfectly constructed from hand-selected, premium materials, you can be sure that by using our easy resin bound gravel calculator to ascertain how many packs are required for your specific project at the depth necessary for the type of application, you will receive all of the washed and kiln-dried decorative gravel required to complete your resin bound driveway. With each resin bound gravel kit containing a total of four bags of decorative gravel (3x 2-5mm and 1x 1-3mm), one bag of kiln-dried sand and one bucket of our premium UV-stable resin, it’s the perfect amount without the need for splitting bags or precariously measuring exact quantities of resin.

Create Durable and Beautiful Resin Bound Paths

Footpaths and garden paths can take quite a lot of abuse over the years through constant foot traffic, usually causing erosion of the surface. Concrete slabs have historically been used to combat erosion of the path surface, however the grout and the mortar used to fill between the gaps and keep the slabs in place can start to become decayed and eventually loses its efficiency. If a simple loose gravel or even resin bonded gravel type surface is installed for the path, these can become eroded and show unsightly bald spots, making the surface more slippy and less attractive.